Are we allowed to take pictures or filming and distribute those images?

Yes, you can! We do ask when distributing the images you mention it is a ‘Theater Savooi’-project and you add our name or logo.

Where can I find the pictures that are taken during an event by the Savooi-team or Monsieur/Madame Kodak?

We’ll provide you with the digital pictures after the event. The most lovely pictures will be put on our Facebook page, which is extra promotion for your event.

Can boys join too?

Of course! We’re well equipped with materials and techniques that boys will love. Cool, funny or funky: everything is possible!


What do we need to provide you with before and during the event?

You can find this info under the technicalities. You can download those on our website.

Where can we see Theater Savooi?

We travel throughout Belgium. You can follow us on our website or on social media.